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the history of phlosoft
In August of 1996, Spherules 1.0 was released to the world by GESoft (pronounced "guess-soft"), a name derived from the initials of its founder, Grant Evan Schindler.

In 1997, it was discovered that there were several other major software companies that went by the name GESoft (e.g. General Enterprise Software).

This was a problem. A new name had to be found.

In the late 17th century, a new theory of combustion was proposed by a German chemist. It involved the use of a hypothetical chemical element that had negative weight. The element was called Phlogiston. The chemist was named Georg Ernst Stahl, whose initials happen to be GES.

In 1997, GESoft officially changed its name to Phlogiston Software, after which it was discovered that many people could not spell or pronounce or remember the word "Phlogiston."

Thus, PhloSoft.*

*PhloSoft is pronounced "flow-soft".

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