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Evolutionary War 1.1 for OS X Released
06.14.2001 - Finally, an OS X version of Evolutionary War is here with improved graphics and a huge icon.

New Features:

-size of organisms reflects strength/intelligence

-improved graphics

-runs natively in OS X

-impressive OS X icon

Download it now and tell all your friends about it.

full article

MacAddict Article on Evolutionary War
03.02.2001 - MacAddict ran an article on Evolutionary War in the PowerPlay section of the March issue. They incorrectly pluralized the title of the game, but I think the fact that they called it the "best thinking-person's game to come out in a while" kind of makes up for that. Here are some choice quotations from the article:

"Evolutionary Wars [sic] combines a pseudo-Darwinian philosophy with a checkers-style playing field, in which you wage war using organisms on a playing board."

"Although gameplay is simple, it's also surprisingly addictive."

"The best thinking-person's game to come out in a while, it's also the cheapest shareware bargain around -- only $1."

"They may look like little blobs of gas to you and me, but they're actually living beings that can reproduce and evolve over time."

Thanks to the people over at MacAddict for supporting Evolutionary War and saying some cool things about it. See the full article here.


"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"

12.21.2000 - Apparently, not me. I appeared on the College Edition of ABC's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" on December 21st, 2000 and I got screwed by the audience. On my $8000 question, I polled the audience. 80% of them said that the answer was B. I hesitated. I thought they were wrong and I was going to use another lifeline, but then I looked at the 80% on the bar graph again and I decided not to waste any more lifelines and to just go with B. I figured they must have known something I didn't. My final answer was wrong, and I dropped down to $1000. Only 8% of the audience had chosen the correct answer. It was the most wrong the audience has ever been in the history of the show. Lucky me.

As it turns out, the question I missed had to do with computers, so I really should have known the answer, but whatever. I didn't. Here's the question that I missed.

What online magazine is owned by Microsoft?

A. Salon B. Wired C. Feed D. Slate

Upon polling the audience, these were the results:

A. 5% B. 80% C. 7% D. 8%

I had initially ruled out Salon and Wired. I thought it was either Feed or Slate, and I knew Wired was probably the only one the audience had ever heard of, but the 80% was just too much to ignore and the ignorance of the masses led me astray. Thus, I am not a millionaire. So please, send me a dollar. Seriously. See a full-size picture here.


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