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"The best thinking-person's game to come out in a while."

-MacAddict, March 2001
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"Every once in a while someone comes up with a really new game idea."

-MacWorld CD, January 2001
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<insert favorable Japanese text here>

-MacLife, December 2000
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online reviews: evolutionary war
Tucows.com: 5/5 Cows - "It's more challenging than you think, and can be unexpectedly addictive."

MacAddict.com: "unique new strategy game... sort of a cross between checkers and Pokémon... and it's cool"

ZDNet MacDownload.com: 4/5 Stars - "Complete with creepy sounds, the game is a fun foray into a realm rarely touched by simple strategy games."

MacGameNews.com: 7/10 - "take the game of chess and combine it with a strong scientific theme... if you are looking for an entertaining puzzle game, download Evolutionary War right now"

Loginews.com: 7/10 - "The unit is very well conceived, the price is very reduced (1$!) and to two players, the challenge is amusing." - French-to-English Translation by babelfish.altavista.com

MacGamersLedge.com: "a rather unique spin on the classic game of chess... has taken this basic idea and shaped it into a totally unique and quite possibly more interesting style of strategic gameplay."

Utterer.com: "So if you are one of them smarty book learnin' folks, check out Evolutionary War for some Hot thinking action."

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