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Evolutionary War

"The best thinking-person's game to come out in a while."
-MacAddict, March 2001

Evolutionary War is just like the classic game of chess... except for the fact that your pawns can asexually reproduce, thus generating slightly genetically altered copies of themselves. Players control a population of organisms, each of which has a unique genetic makeup that determines its strength, intelligence, fertility, and speed. These organisms can mate, clone, shift, and attack, and the result of all these actions depends highly upon the genetic structure of each organism. Whichever population evolves most quickly can achieve victory by eliminating all members of the enemy population. Play against the computer or a human opponent.

MacAddict: "The best thinking-person's game to come out in a while."

Tucows.com: 5/5 Cows - "It's more challenging than you think, and can be unexpectedly addictive."

MacAddict.com: "unique new strategy game... sort of a cross between checkers and Pokémon... and it's cool"

ZDNet MacDownload.com: 4/5 Stars - "Complete with creepy sounds, the game is a fun foray into a realm rarely touched by simple strategy games."

MacGameNews.com: 7/10 - "take the game of chess and combine it with a strong scientific theme... if you are looking for an entertaining puzzle game, download Evolutionary War right now"

Loginews.com: 7/10 - "The unit is very well conceived, the price is very reduced (1$!) and to two players, the challenge is amusing." - French-to-English Translation by babelfish.altavista.com

MacGamersLedge.com: "a rather unique spin on the classic game of chess... has taken this basic idea and shaped it into a totally unique and quite possibly more interesting style of strategic gameplay."

Utterer.com: "So if you are one of them smarty book learnin' folks, check out Evolutionary War for some Hot thinking action."

Download Evolutionary War 1.0 (Classic)
Download Evolutionary War 1.1 (OS X)


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