Evolutionary War

MacAddict calls it "the best thinking-person's game to come out in a while." Evolutionary War is just like the classic game of chess... except for the fact that your pawns can asexually reproduce, thus generating slightly genetically altered copies of themselves, among other things. Play against the computer or a human opponent.

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Evolutionary War 1.1 for OS X Released
06.14.2001 - Finally, an OS X version of Evolutionary War is here with improved graphics and a huge icon. more...

MacAddict Article on Evolutionary War
03.02.2001 - MacAddict calls Evolutionary War "the best thinking-person's game to come out in a while." more...

"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"
12.21.2000 - PhloSoft employee Grant Schindler recently appeared on the hit ABC gameshow and got completely shafted by the audience. more...

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